tisdag 23 augusti 2011

The World Expo show in Montreux 2011

Hi again!
I have just came home from Switzerland from the World expo figure show. This was the second time that I competed with my figures at such a large international show. I recived a Pewter medal, wich is the highest valour you could take in the General class. I also competed in the Master class for painted figures and recived an highly commended wich feels really great. I took some pictures from the show of some of the great displays that were at display there. The World expo must be the world championship for figure modeller in my opinon. It was a great weekend the only bad thing was that it was so expensive to be there for an example an ordinary pizza costed 20 euros. Enjoy the pictures and I am really sorry that the quality of the pictures aren´t the best.

 Best of show Bill Horan

Marion Ball & Alan Ball
Danilo Cartacci
Diego Ruina
To the left David Zabrocki´s interpretation of this figure and to the right Magnus Fagerberg´s interpretation of the same figure.

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