söndag 28 augusti 2011

Hi again!

After I came home from World expo I was really inspired to start a new figure. I saw an demonstration painting figures by the famous painter Diego Ruina wich got me really inspired to start painting a bust in a fast manner and still try to get a resonably great result. So I choosed this bust of an american native Apache indian that I bought at the World expo show as the subject for this experiment. I am quite satisfied with the result so far. This figure was started last tuesday and this is the result on  Sunday evening. Normally I work on a project for like this for three month´s or more so this is something of a record for me. I hope that you like the result of the figure so far because it was an really exiciting experiment for me to try to paint a figure with good results in a more resonable time.


tisdag 23 augusti 2011

The World Expo show in Montreux 2011

Hi again!
I have just came home from Switzerland from the World expo figure show. This was the second time that I competed with my figures at such a large international show. I recived a Pewter medal, wich is the highest valour you could take in the General class. I also competed in the Master class for painted figures and recived an highly commended wich feels really great. I took some pictures from the show of some of the great displays that were at display there. The World expo must be the world championship for figure modeller in my opinon. It was a great weekend the only bad thing was that it was so expensive to be there for an example an ordinary pizza costed 20 euros. Enjoy the pictures and I am really sorry that the quality of the pictures aren´t the best.

 Best of show Bill Horan

Marion Ball & Alan Ball
Danilo Cartacci
Diego Ruina
To the left David Zabrocki´s interpretation of this figure and to the right Magnus Fagerberg´s interpretation of the same figure.

söndag 7 augusti 2011

Finally done!

Well, I consider this one almost finished by now, of course there will be some minor things to touch up before I can call this one really finished. Since the last update I decided to paint some lighter highlights to make the wrinkles stand out even more. I had a thought that a jungle scene would make this outstanding figure stand out better. The leaves and fernes are photoetched and comes from the producer Eduard and I think those leaves are one of the best on the market. I hope that you like the finished result, thanks for watching.