söndag 25 september 2011

Maurice Correy 200mm 101st airborne

I've decided to start a completly new project, this time an american airborne from the 101st airborne during the Normandy invasion 6th june 1944. The figure is from the producer Maurice Correy miniatures and the scale is 1/9 or more likely 1/10 in my opinion. I've decided to convert some small things on this figure because I didn´t like some minor details. I had an older bust from Young miniatures laying in my stash with the rest of my grey army just waiting  to be slaughtered by my scalpel for the need of useful parts. First I must mention that both the sculpting and casting was really excellent on the original MCM-figure. The first Thing I converted was his shoulder patch wich orginally was from th 82nd airborne division to the one from the Young bust. The other detail I switched was the small "cricket" hanging around his neck. The original figure didn´t have any net on his helmet so I made a new on with some twined brassnet I come across a long time ago.
I have started the painting process on the head so far and it feels like it's are nearly finished by now. I tried to paint some black camoflagepaint on his face this was a really scary process cause it feels like it could make or brake the whole figure if it didn't turn out good. Here are some pictures of the result.

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  1. Nice Blog Markus!! I saw your new project on the table of Leas Cliff hall terrace. I think Some swede bought it for you?

    Keep up the great painting & all the best to you :-)

    Your friend, Petri

  2. Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog. Yes it´s true Johan Augustsson bought this one for me at the last Euromilitaire show and it is a really nice kit even though he could have some more equipment on him.


  3. I really like the overall dark fleshtone! Looks very "rough"and "battle-weary". Excellent blog my Friend! Greetings from Prague -Maestosa Arte