måndag 25 april 2011

U.S Marine vietnam war.

Hi again! I haven´t presented any of my work I am currently working so I thought it would be fun to show one of the figures I have at my workdesk at the moment. This is a 90mm U.S Marine from the vietnam war produced by Pegaso. It is sculpted by one of Pegaso´s best sculptors in my opinion Andrea Jula. I have been facinated by this war since I was a kid back in the eighties and looked at all those films that was produced during that era. I sculpted a new T-shirt on him cause looking at pictures from that time the soldiers often had those under their flakjackets. The figure is far from finished but the face and the skintones are nearly finished by now. There will be more touchup on the skintones ofcourse. The skintones are painted with a base of Vallejo acrylic paints with lights and shadows created with diferent blends of oilcolors. I hope you like the progress so far.


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